Check out some of my Projects.


Led and coordinated a team of 4 to plan and develop this application within 4 weeks. Our goal was to create an event hosting application with a focus on the gaming community.

Developed with the PERN stack and Chakra UI React library. Implemented Twitch's IGDB API.

Check it out on GitHub!

Lehman College CS Club Website

I created this website for the Lehman College CS Club. The purpose of this site is to have an easy access hub for students to learn about the club and see upcoming events.

Developed with Astro.js and Tailwind CSS for enhanced page responsiveness and speed. Deployed via Netlify.

Check it out here!


I created this website while in the CodePath SITE internship. The purpose of this site was to learn more about API implementation in webpages, along with styling.

Developed with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Implemented the IMDb API for browsing movies. Deployed via Github pages.

Check it out here!